Women are fleeing Donald Trump's Republican party in droves, and the GOP has no idea what to do about it

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How about not supporting misogynist raping assholes? Nah, couldn’t be that easy…


That’s going to be a tough one to gerrymander or voter suppress their way out of. Maybe they could repeal the 19th Amendment?


“Character used to matter. Now we’re not that party”
Honey, you haven’t been that party for decades…


God I just hope those guys don’t have Hulu subscriptions or they might start seeking more ambitious solutions.


Not sure this premise is entirely true. Riddle me this: why did 53 percent of white, educated women vote for Trump if they’re abandoning the GOP?


Being a life long demo / independant, I never understood why people would vote against their self interests, in this case, women voting for repubs. I guess if it gets blatant enough, it opens their eyes.


You added the word ‘educated’ in there. That word does not belong.

Trump, on the other hand, found his strength among white women, whom he won by 53 percent overall. Break that number down even further, and Trump’s success is specifically among white women without college degrees, 61 percent of whom voted for him. Clinton actually did 7 points better than Trump with white college-educated women.


As the old saying goes: “If you’re republican and not an rich old straight white male, then you’re an idiot.” (…and otherwise you have a fatal deficiency in empathy)


You can bet your ass they would if they could. I still hear the occasional asshole expound on how men “gave” women the right to vote. See, that’s the thing about rights; they’re not given. They are explicitly enumerated in our founding documents, it’s just a matter of society maturing to the degree that we actually recognize them.


Margaret Atwood has noted numerous times that every single outrageous concept she expressed in that book had already happened.



Good point. But still, a substantial portion of college educated white women voted for an admitted pussy-grabber. Not sure I accept the premise that women are fleeing the Republican party en masse. This false assumption last November might have actually cemented der Gropenfuher’s election.

But still, at 45 percent, the proportion of college-educated women favoring Trump was probably much higher than what many assumed. It seems that all the talk about Trump’s treatment of women turning women voters away from him may have just been some wishful thinking.


I think dystopian fiction is usually fanciful and meant to make a fairly narrow point. It’s unreal on purpose.

Handmaid’s Tale is downright realistic.


“Women are fleeing Donald Trump’s Republican party in droves, and the GOP has no idea what to do about it” No idea? Grab them by the pussy.


Here are some thoughts:

Race of course, class protection, self preservation…

Also, I think someone from BB made the suggestion that bored, unsatisfied middle class white males suddenly got excited about Trump who gave their shitty lives a dream, and their bored unsatisfied wives got swept up in seeing their renewed husbands excitement. This was a great explanation for some of the behavior and justification I saw from the female Trumpers that I knew.


Here’s what I found interesting from the Republicans in the article:

“This is one of the main differences between the left and the right: We don’t see every issue as being a ‘man’s issue,’ or a ‘woman’s issue.’ It’s not a men-against-women, us-against- them mentality,” said Sue Zoldak, the head of communications for RightNOW Women PAC. “I don’t understand the idea that something is a ‘women’s issue.’ I don’t comprehend that as a statement.”

This makes me think of how we hide racism under the rug with colour-blind language. Like how they couldn’t take away the votes of black people because they were black anymore, so they took the votes away from black people because they were felons via the war on drugs. We make an artificial intelligence but don’t give it data on race to work with, but still it keep saying black people need higher bail than white people.

This statement is about doing the same thing with sex. A lot of people look at the gender wage gap and say that some of it is accounted for by things like women taking time off to raise children. But of course built into that is the idea that taking time off to raise children makes a person worth less salary on some “objective” assessment; like an assessment that reduces your pay because of a one-year absence from the workforce isn’t a political assessment that is calibrated to favour men over women in our society.

They are presenting hiding a problem as solving it.


I feel like someone that can evaluate new facts, admit they made a mistake and change their mind, would not be the type of person to vote for trump in the first place. My bet is trump would get just as many votes today as he did 12 months ago.


I think you are acting like there is only one way people change their minds. Only a tiny number of people evaluate new facts, admit mistakes and revise opinions, but other people manage to change their minds anyway. In the case of Trump voters I think the driving force for changing of minds will be a gradually building feeling that things aren’t getting any better. He’s going to slowly lose supporters over months and years. This is borne out by his approval ratings which have been very, very slowly eroding from their very bad start.


That kind of feels like “top white supremacists who’ve spent years cultivating minority support,” yet a majority of white women voted for Trump, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, how much worse could the Republican party get for women that they’d finally abandon it?