Trump supporters want women's right to vote removed


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Democracy sure would be easier if we just disenfranchised people who disagree with me, no?


“I think it makes more sense if I’m the only one allowed to vote at all. And look, I won again!”


Though we adore men individually,
we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.


Well actually, #repealthe19th is about ethics in game journalism.


Well, think about it. If you let anyone else but me vote, all they can do is either vote the same as me, or throw away their vote by negating mine. So why bother?



Guys, slow down okay? You have two whole more weeks to immolate. I’m working as fast as I can here…


Who wouldn’t get behind a movement supported by people with twitter handles such as “Reichsführer Pepe”? o_O


The thread looks soggy with rational-thinking people, but there are still some things worth laughing about in there:

Only slightly less hateful trumpkin, “stay on message”. Like they’re worried about diluting their policy push here?


And, as a woman voter, this one goes out to all those who don’t think I need the right to vote:


Oh, come on, this is just locker room talk. Trump supporters love women! They just wanna kiss them and grab them all day long…


Namby pamby pantywaists – I say repeal everything that came after the 2nd!


Insult half the country. Gee, I can’t see any possible way that could blow up in their faces.


Oh, fuck these fools sideways with a petrified cactus dipped in salt and vinegar.

Newsflash, bitches;


And for anyone unfamiliar with the two finger salute, that is not a “peace” sign.


Reminds me of the “I am pro-choice and I riot” bumper sticker. :slight_smile:


Grope the Vote!


If this is a “gotcha” moment for Hillary it’s only because it proves she was way off base when she implied the Trump children were at least somewhat decent human beings.


Is this for real? Serious question.