White women are leaving the GOP


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Good news, but I have to wonder what the turning point was. If nothing Trump said or did prior to November 2016 was enough to alienate them then why were they put off by the events of the last year?



I started to listen so that I could hear her rationale as to why women shouldn’t have the right to vote (not to be swayed by her opinion, but it’s always good to hear what the other side thinks so you’re ready to argue the point). I couldn’t make it past about 10 seconds in 'cause I just started to feel gross. Can anyone TLDR her argument for me? Thank you!


All I can think is: Took them long enough.


Sounds to me that she just says “I don’t believe women should vote” then goes on to say that her father always believed that if you’re not paying into the government or taking more than you’re putting in that you shouldn’t have a say either.

Then Hannity says “it’s like a homeless guy coming off the street into a restaurant and telling the staff what should be on the menu, then leaving.”

So it would seem to me that they implicitly believe that the government doesn’t do anything for them, and that… Women don’t pay taxes? So they shouldn’t vote?


Those b*****s will turn around when their menfolk lay down the law like God intended.


tl;dr - because reasons.

Alternate tl;dr - “I just like to hear words drop out of my mouth hole.”


Anne Coulter is a Harradine.


I assume Coulter had a fleeting moment of partial self-awareness culminating in the epiphany “my God, I shouldn’t be allowed to have any influence on the political outcomes of this country!” but then came to the wrong conclusion about the reasons why.


White women are leaving the GOP

Means more for us!





If other women can’t vote - even more votes for her?



Really? That’s weird as the GOP has offered so much to women over the years.

I find this rather boggling state of affairs.

Man, next you will be telling me black people are avoiding that party.


Really the surprising thing is that they (white women specifically) are just NOW leaving. Like, were they just in epic denial?


I would like to believe this, but I’m not convinced. Everyone expected white women to be grossed out by the republican candidate in 2016 during the campaign, yet here we are. When election time comes, I’m afraid the voting direction, in many “traditional circles”, will come again from the preachers, husbands, and other “wise men”. In part it’s the eternal hope that no matter how inadequate the candidate is, he is “our man” who will deliver “our goals”, i.e. the means justifies the end.


Thanks for the TLDRing, everyone!


There was a moment during the 2004 debates where one woman was asking questions about abortion and at the end the look she have Bush like he was a savior brought chills to me at the time. Like he was the man that will save all the babies.

I’m sure crap like that will be a factor … blind faith.


It’s a good question. Donald “Grab-em by the Pussy” Trump got a majority of white women to vote for him. Combine that with his taste in spouses and it’s not hard to figure out what he thinks about women. For some reason despite all of this he was preferable to Hillary Clinton in the general. Is it possible for an electorate to suffer from battered woman syndrome?


The fact that so many white women voted GOP and for trump is just mind numbing. I’ll say it again, it’s not the minorities that are destroying our nation, it is the supposed superior white folk that vote in such huge numbers against their own best interests. The minority folks are intelligent enough to know what policies and laws will benefit them. Apparently the white folk are too stupid to figure it out.