Samantha Bee blames white people for electing Donald Trump

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The exit poll chart shows non-black voters of color at more than 25%. This is what confuses me. Were these voters not listening to what he was saying specifically about them during the campaign, or do we chalk it up to outmoded cultural ways of thinking (women are not meant to lead)?

Edit: I want to include a nod to @rtkwe in post number 64. Voter apathy for the lose amongst white voters in 2016.


Trump may be a boon to dictators and international criminal cartels

[Trump] has indicated an interest in pulling back from U.S. engagements around the world. According to James Bosworth, a partner at Southern Pulse, this bodes well not only for Latin American organized crime, but also corrupt officials who could face less international pressure to create more transparent institutions.

The “Trump Wall” or at least fewer entry points from Mexico may make cross border criminal activities more profitable and more dangerous.

The conflict for taking control of [criminal turf], these routes, could get worse,” Hope explained. This could worsen the security situation in Mexican border cities such as Ciudad Juárez and Tijuana, which are already experiencing a rise in drug-related violence.

The International Crisis Group has already documented how a crackdown on migrants at the U.S. border and in Mexico has inadvertently strengthened these smuggling networks.


“Latino” can mean a lot of things, depending on how it’s defined.

Cubans can be considered a pretty reliable base for conservatives because many were those with enough money to safely escape the communist revolution and already had political and business connections in the U.S. The same can be said for some portion of Puerto Ricans.

I’ve known a number of folks from Colorado who still have their family’s land grants from Spain. Even though their genetics obviously favors the European side over any indigenous group, they still identify as Latino. Needless to say, as centuries-long property owners, they can be pretty conservative.

Lastly, never forget that religiosity and sexism will overpower some folks’ ability to consider their own best interests.


Alas, in the inner circles of trump support, acknowledgement and anger over white support for Trump has become evidence of the real racism in this country. Basically, they just want to make America great again, and all these “minorities” are blaming white men for losing.

We need a playbook at how to talk to these fuckwits, because whatever we have been doing isn’t working.

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This is an interesting point. It’s throwing collective blame back into the faces of those who have been perpetuating the idea.

But I have to take issue with it. I don’t know that Muslims do collectively blame themselves, they have no reason to. And I don’t blame myself for Donald Trump.


How many times do we expect black people to build our country for us?

I would like to say a quiet and dignified ‘Boom!’ to this.


Not meaning to necessarily question the basic premise, but just how accurate are the exit polls that are cited as evidence? Cause we all know just how reliable the predictive polls were.

I mean, for the former there were obviously closet Trump supporters who responded untruthfully, or the methods were greatly flawed, or both. So please explain to me what makes post-vote polling more trustworthy?




Both, I rather suspect. I’ve seen some latino support for candidates who said terrible things about latinos because they really thought he was only talking about illegal immigrants. To add to what @lloydcogliandro said, I’ve also known a few Mexicans and Central American immigrants who ironically held some pretty anti-immigrant views, even denigrating more recent arrivals from their own countries as “lazy illegals.”


So we still care about the pundits who were 100% wrong about pretty much everything?


It’s not about self-blame. Christians in the U.S. have been screaming at Muslims that they have to vociferously condemn any criminal/terrorist act by any Muslim anywhere or else they’re sympathizers. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


If Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, so do we.

But they don’t, or at least they shouldn’t. Which means her argument somehow proceeds from a policy she finds despicable. Taken literally, this statement is a bald endorsement of racism as a moral imperative, which totally boggles my mind coming out of the mouth of anyone who would identify as liberal, progressive, or intellectual. I understand that she’s bitter about this outcome, as am I, but damn.

Her point of white hypocrisy stands but suggesting fair imposition of fallacious thinking doesn’t strike me as being very productive.


Do you think Samantha has taken even a moment to consider how many potential Hillary supporters she turned away by calling a bunch of 20 y/o people stupid racists for the last six months?

People like her and David Cross and others drove a bigger wedge in that demographic than Susan Sarandon.


I blame Alanis Morrisette.

Don’t you?



IMHO Samantha meant this as an ironic poke at islamophobes as in, “since you insist they are all responsible for their extremists, so must you (white people) be for yours.”

But the joke is a bit too clever & fails. The presumedly white islamophobes targeted by the irony aren’t seeking to avoid responsibility for electing Trump; they’re reveling in it. And white multi-culturalists who presumably didn’t vote for Trump are instead hearing this as a dig at them.

Apologies for jokesplaining to all the white, islamophobic Boing Boing regulars who got the joke originally.


I agree with Sam, but she and the other snarky TV humorists and their less-articulate Facebook and Twitter acolytes are worthy of a share of the blame for the outcome of this election. People in the hollowed-out rural and small town center of this country are living desperate lives, and the “elites” like Bee and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert loved calling them idiots and fools and making them the butt of almost all their jokes. And, mea culpa: I laughed right along with them, so I’m to blame too.

If we “libtards” are ever going to win over the people whom we believe will actually benefit from our proposed policies, we’re going to have to stop bullying them with our oh-so-superior attitudes. No one ever won over a convert by ridiculing him or her. Bernie got that, but Hillary never quite did (See: “Deplorables”). No one likes being laughed at (See: Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner). We’re now paying for those insults.

P.S. I voted for Hillary. I even like Hillary. But she really just didn’t get it – or if she did, she sure didn’t get it across.


Was it really “droves” of white people voting for trump? I see 58% for trump, but in the last election it was 56% of whites for Romney. So only 2% more. So kind of the usual amount for a republican in recent elections. More black people voted for Trump than Romney.

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