Gorgeous,dramatic photos of Japanese playground equipment by night


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/29/fujio-panda.html


Stunning, the giant robots really are something else!



Is that Minazo (aka “I haz a bucket”)?


But, what’s that bottom one supposed to be?


I think they called that a pager.


This is the pager that I remember.


Look much nicer with special lighting


Looks more scary than fun to me, lol


Yes. Older Japanese playgrounds like these are often very dull in daylight and that’s before you consider how scary all that concrete is when your two-year-old starts wanting to climb all over them.
Great photos. Horrible playgrounds.


The little kids in my neighborhood seem to love the really long concrete slide built into the side of a hill.


Yeah, but the kiddie version has an exit.
However, a Metropolis themed playground would be something.

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