Gorgeous, free, and downloadable DnD Character Sheets


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Being a luddite that plays with physical books the greatest innovation that I have used to speed up my play is to use post-it notes to tab the players handbook for all of my spells and special abilities. You can re-read the relevant section almost instantly while you’re waiting to declare your action. Saves a bunch of time.


Reminds me of this somewhat sillier character sheet:


You’ll be blown away by printing some spell cards then :wink:


Would lighter borders be hard to see?


Talk about crazy overkill. 5e doesn’t need a larger character folio than Pathfinder.

Works for all levels and prints on a single page for a pdf reference/printout. I use a spreadsheet for pretty much any character in 5e.


These sheets remind me why I play Moldvay Basic and Expert D&D, or perhaps Labyrinth Lord.


–1 for providing the sheets as JPGs rather than as PDFs.


Hmm. It’s been ages since I played D&D, but I do have a thing about forms… Maybe I should just roll a dice.


It looks like they’ve updated the page with links to PDF versions.


Could you post the link because I don’t see any pdf versions


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