Gorgeous, grotesque, "hyper-real" Ren and Stimpy masks


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You should see my avatar, which celebrates a gorgeous regular who disappeared under grotesque circumstances.


" wisely gave them to Adam Savage to play with on his Tested Youtube channel"

What? This is rather incorrect. Adam wasn’t even at Monsterpalooza nor has he seen these in person. The Tested crew interviewed the artist while at the show and talked about the masks but at no point did he give his creations to them or Adam. I’m very confused why you’d say so.


These basically look like those hand painted detailed closeups that show did now and then.

Edit: oh, now that I’ve watched more of the video I see that was part of the inspiration.


The Ren mask looks more like Steve Buscemi.


Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.
I wear no mask.


No mask? No mask!


I’m kinda surprised that the BoingBoing folks didn’t use the “Steve Bannon” tag on this post


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