Jason Voorhees pandemic mask available

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God bless Tom Savini.


Right? He’s awesome!


Yeah he is, the 73 year-old badass!


THIS is the kind of stuff that should be in the Boing Boing store

That, and working replicas of that cock codpiece gun from Dusk Till Dawn


I’m assuming this is essentially a (plastic/resin) piece that goes over the actual cloth mask, rather than all being one piece. It would be useful to be able to clean the cloth bit separately, if necessary.

I’m digging all the fun masks that are coming out right now* - hopefully after this pandemic is over, (flu) seasonal mask wearing will be adopted in the West so people will have an excuse to wear them.

*E.g. “malicious.x” and her masks:

Those would go together well.

I can remember watching a totally forgettable slasher flick (which I have almost totally forgotten) that had a clever death scene where a guy gets his neck slashed underwater and bubbles actually come out of his throat. I KNEW that Tom Savini had done that. And he had.

I have one thing to add to this:
“Clarice, fsssssssss”.

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