Gorgeous handmade dieselpunk coats


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I hope they have their sizing down. A few years ago I almost bought a jacket and shirt from China, but evidently the reviews were mostly that sizing runs very small (common for most if not all the ones I was looking at), and for some makers, the quality was lacking.


Very neat indeed. No styles for men though ]: I mean… maybe i could rock a women’s coat but i dont think i can pull it off.


When people like Dozois began using the Bruce Bethke term cyberpunk, I was OK with it. It was a term that was new fresh and immediate. Punk was the countercultural movement of the day, it resonated with the new digital times which greatly diverged from the analog past/present and was almost immediately applied to the works of people like Gibson as a shorthand for a sort of genre.

Then came steampunk and now dieselpunk. There is nothing punk about either and neither are counter cultural at all. In fact, they seem to be the antithesis of the idea where slick marketing types attach the punk moniker to some random era source of power in order to evoke video game trends and pop coolness but without soul or passion. It feels lazy and contrived. It feels like what reporters have done with any new scandal by affixing the ‘gate’ suffix to a word related to the story.

The coats are very pretty however.


Can’t wait to see Melania in hers!




coming to Boing Boing in about 20 years


just before you open the safe, huh?


I feel your complaint, though.

Let’s call it Punkgate!


Didn’t go to the website. Anything for the lads?


I had the same thought. I wish we had a very tightly defined list of design cues that take retro military-ish clothing from the neutral to yep-that’s-a-nazi-coat.


isn’t feasible fusion always 25 years away? now I am really interested in the content of The Safe


I did note the similarity.


It could be the start of a whole new you!


What about 80’s-punk… wait…


Also the general Chinese market being the counterfeiting monster that it can be, I hope these are original designs for some poor fashion artist’s sake.


20 years? I dress like a rich slob now!




Perfect would be a coat-length version of the Barbour International ladies’ jacket, but this coat is nice.


I still have my Cthulhupunk button somewhere.