Gorgeous laser-cut cosmic objects: HYBYCOZO, the Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone


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Now all I can picture are giant djinn playing D&D in the Alhambra.


“The patterns represents…”

Yuck. This kind of fluff ruins the art for me, and instead makes it more of a plastic wrapped sales pitch. Let the piece be the statement, and check the artistic ego at the door.

What about something simple and mysterious that allows room for the audience to participate:
Is it made by man, or made for man? Is it where the earth has been, or where the earth is going?


They look like they belong in one of these Iranian mosques:
Mosques of Shiraz, Iran


Creative Machines in Tucson, Arizona does some great work in their style. See: http://creativemachines.com/sculpture/texas-rising

Thought. Marry this with some electronics and the 8ball idea. Put the electronics onto a gimbal inside the polygon, so the display is always facing up. Sense movement, when it moves and then stops display a random number. Bonus points for making the thing from etched brass and the display from Nixie tubes.

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