Portal Icosahedron sculpture like looking into another universe

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/11/21/portal-icosahedron-sculpture-l.html


Lots of people have made variations on this theme over the years. Here’s my most recent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbHlT8UUmRs


Two of these are currently on display at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.


Nice! And you know how to film it, too. The slow tilts and pans from a single viewpoint in the original post doesn’t show the internal view moving around. The filmmaker didn’t know how to do it right.


I believe I saw his work at the Seattle Art Fair this summer: stunning in person.


Yeah, this is stunning, but the camerawork didn’t do it justice at all.


Very fine craftsmanship here. Would like to see it with addressables and a diffuser that hides the grandularity of the LEDs, probably high density strips. Also, not siezure mode. Christopher Schardt and Peter T put of LED lab, an iOS app that can handle large arrays:

Christopher makes enormous tripper traps on the playa:

Peter T made an ultra portable tetrahedron with this infinity mirror concept using mylar.

East Bay burners!!

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Beautiful work! And apartment sized at that. I want I want! Here’s all the money! Just take it.

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Very nicely done. :heart_eyes:

Nice, but this is not at all like looking into another universe. It’s only like looking into this particular icosahedron sculpture.

Hope nobody climbs in that thing and comes out part of the Muscidæ family!


Always thought it would be more like this in there

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Roll for initiative.

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