Gorgeous retrofuturistic space travel posters from NASA JPL

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I was looking at these posters yesterday when they were mentioned on a Tested video. They’re great, i didn’t know they were freely downloadable. I might actually download the whole set and print out a couple, i’d love to get a couple of frames and rotate the prints whenever.

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The TIF downloads are 20in x 30in at 300dpi. This is wonderfully generous. At that resolution they could be printed as 5ft tall posters and still look pretty clean. Thank you NASA!

Gosh, these are gorgeous. Definitely going to bookmark and take advantage of being able to display some of this art on my walls at home, being a major space buff. But, can I ask … who were the artists??? As a graphic designer I was dismayed to not be able to find this crucial (to me, anyway) information anywhere at the link you provided. It would be an awful shame to publicize this beautiful art w.o crediting the artists who created this imagery. Is that info available anywhere? Did I miss it?


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