Gorgeous scrap-electronics wearable cyberpunk assemblages from Hiroto Ikeuchi


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/26/wearable-art.html


Looks comfortable enough to wear to bed.


They’re wearable, but other than costume gear, are they functional in any meaningful way?


That’s good. I wonder where he gets the scrap from, or if a lot of the parts are custom made.

ETA https://otakumode.com/chi_hiro is the unborked link



That was my thought. Would be some pretty interesting costummery for Burning Man, but a) it would need to actually block the dust, and b) you’d need a special protective carrying case for it when climbing on an art car, etc.


Agreed, this is like the pseudo-steam-punk stuff with random gears and brass bits bodged together. It looks interesting from a distance and then you realize it for what it is, just some random junk stuck together. (yeah, yeah, “art”, whatever, it’s still dumb, get off my lawn)


One could pretend that one is in cryo-sleep.


Humor-testing your local SWAT team…?


“Wearing instructions unclear, dying in street. 1/10. Would not wear again.”


Not valid for all values of “gorgeous”.


In 1979 my friend got a “Bambino Superstar Football” handheld electronic game for xmas. A year or two later we decided to dis-assemble it to see what was inside. Turns out the front console plate when turned around looked like a kind of weird robotic Boba Fett / welder’s mask. So we decked it out with LEDs and turned it into a halloween costume. I wish I had pictures of it.

Here’s the what the toy looked like intact:



Wow, mammogram technology in Japan looks really advanced!


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