Gotcha Man

I love Bors!


Of course, the crucial variable is the viability of an alternative.

Society? Not so much…

A car? Maybe, depending on your circumstances…

Apple? Anyone who wants to compel me to use that shit can go piss up a rope.


It’s not crucial at all, I think. The implicit ad hominem attack is always invalid. Go to hell, gotcha man.

(Not you Kimmo. The dude in the cartoon.)


In this case it’d be a Tu Quoque fallacy.


Is that a subset?

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Tu Quoque means “You as well” and refers to trying to invalidate someone’s argument because they’re a hypocrite, even though them being a hypocrite has no bearing on the truth of their argument.

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Yes, I think it’s a subset of ad hominem, because the implicit argument is that your opinion is invalid because you are a bad person. Not like it matters.

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Tu quoque is so bogus.

Consider someone dying of lung cancer advising you to quit smoking.

Well, it’s crucial to whether the quoquery has any validity whatsoever… it’s only really hypocrisy if you have a viable choice to avoid participating in the practice you’re decrying.

Yeh, we get it: Everyone’s an hypocrite.

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But hypocrisy can’t make you wrong to decry it.


I dunno… seems to me that’s the perfect person to advise you on that issue, cause who would know better than someone dying of lung cancer (says the daughter of someone who died of lung cancer).


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