GPU-accelerated dismemberment demo: 10,000 zombies in a giant blender


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Next up they need to calculate the cadaver collision, so that corpses build up in piles a barbarian hero could pose atop.


Just in case that wasn’t apocalyptic enough for you…


Let’s talk for a moment about the ones that got slashed in the legs/feet and immediately had their heads pop off, shall we?


Hydrostatic Shock!

(Hmmm, band name?)


This is not a wonderful thing.


Must have used


Just found myself laughing fit to bust while watching this. I think there’s something wrong with me today…


That was either surprisingly boring, or I’m surprisingly desensitized.


Worst smoothie ever! Would not buy again.


…causes irresistible thirst for brains.


I just hope they didn’t show any breasts.

'Cause that would be bad.

Can’t have kids seeing that.


Au contraire! This is a most wondrous thing.


Wouldn’t 10K zombies clog up the blender?


I’m reminded of Peter Jackson’s finest film…


While I never questioned the motivation for Santas and penguins to wage war, I do wonder how this blade apparatus is powered, and maintains velocity. Underground millworks fed by a river? Sorcery?


Surprisingly strongly disappointed by the failure for zombie bits to accumulate. Saw (literal) tons of zombies get cut, but no pile of flesh ever formed.


what the hell did I just watch, it was awesome?


And what are the Zombies’ victory conditions? Can they even damage that flail?

If they had any brains, they’d post a big sign “LEEV ALOON!” and call it a day.


It’s probably powered by a hallway of zombies pushing their way to the surface so they can have their turn at the blades.