GQ magazine publishes, then removes profile of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav: "based on his performance to date, he’s only good at breaking things"

Originally published at: GQ magazine publishes, then removes profile of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav: "based on his performance to date, he's only good at breaking things" | Boing Boing


I despise this man and although I do get a tiny amount of joy reading the article talking about how terrible he is. (From the link at the bottom of the boingboing article), I would be even happier if he were kicked out of the company and they’d stop screwing over the creators and art that are the entire reason people watch TV and movies.


the Wayback Machine is forever:


So Conde Nast learned absolutely nothing from their experience with Bon Appetit. You can’t close the barn doors after the horses are out.


Good. With the kind of money this bungling greedpighas this humiliation is one of the few things that still stings.

Barely a month ago, Graydon Carter was hosting a party in Zaslav’s honor at Cannes, all but crowning him as the heir apparent to Jack Warner.

I’m old enough to remember when Carter would skewer executives like Zaslav in Spy magazine instead of kissing their arses. Which is to say, I’m old.


Until someone files a DMCA, and the archive complies, which they do without fail, unfortunately.


it will still exist elsewhere and be shared.


I mean, it’s true. The gutting of TCM seems to be a prime example - it had a small staff and was quite profitable, but apparently didn’t meet some absurd, impossible, unsustainable target, so fuck film history, apparently.

The barbarians are pillaging Hollywood, but they’re burning down the things of real value in favor of bags of loot that’s just costume jewelry…


Cartoon Network is barely a shell of its former self. The only newly announced stuff I’ve seen is either warner/DC shows rebranded or shows made by outside companies with the CN logo slapped on. No original shows at all. Everyone I knew there (I was working as a storyboard artist) has been laid off. Some had to leave town. A couple lucky ones got gigs at other studios but those jobs are hard to find too.

The stupidest part of all that is the talent will be lost. Either going elsewhere or quitting the industry entirely after building skills and teams that sometimes take years to mature.

And I don’t think zazlav cares. Pretty sure he’d be happy if every brand was 100% reality TV


“GNU John Dearheart”


I keep thinking of how a big part of the WGA strike involved the companies blocking writers from gaining the skills they needed to be showrunners in the future (or just learn the tricks that would reduce production costs). Hollywood has always tried to externalize costs (by making writers, etc. take them on), but this was just a wholesale destruction of their own future to save a few pennies now; there isn’t some other way that writers would pick up those skills “elsewhere.” Very “end-stage capitalism” in that they’re not counting on there being anything beyond the present moment (and even assuring that will be the case) .


Conde Nast sucks. See their complete mishandling of The Shadow IP, and their recent collaboration with James Patterson, which ignores most of the established lore.

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SF Gate publishes a nice take on this whole thing.


Drew Magary at SF Gate pulls no punches about Zaslav in commentary about article that was taken down. Christ was an asshole Zaslav is!


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