GQ's comedy issue cover is an intentionally-'shopped winner


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I appreciate that they went the extra kilometre to make the errors just subtle enough to take a second or two to realise. And blatant enough that they are glaringly obvious and over the top that we see it’s a lampoon.


I thought it was great but then the hand at the bottom right made me laugh out loud.


Yep, visual comedy is a surprisingly difficult medium - you really have to predict where and how the reader’s eyes will travel, which is really non-intuitive and tricky to guide. But they pulled it off, so kudos to them!


It really is masterfully executed. Whoever made this (or whatever team) is Our Generation’s M.C.Escher.


But instead of a ball, the ball is memes


HANDS DOWN our best comedy issue ever. Get it?


Hold on, I’m going to try something.

Ok, on a scale of 0 to 1, how many times did your head just explode? Be honest!


Fucking brilliant, I’d say. Head dutifully exploded…


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