Grace Potter rocks out with NASA in new video on the women of America's space program

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Please embed videos so they fit in blog view.

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When I was a kid astronauts were the coolest people in the world.

I’m so glad we’ve come back around to that.

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kind of related - the embargo is finally successful, Russia announced that they will reduce the ISS personnel because of economic constraints.

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This is what I’ve been seeing on screen recently:

That’s just one of the videos on the first page, btw, and they’re all like that, with the blank space at the side cutting off the video. Before, I’d get appropriately-sized previews on the blog view, and a large one on the post page. In the last few days (I think) all the fresh video posts are like this. I think you broke something in the last update, BB gnomes.

(Does BB have gnomes working behind the scenes? Or maybe gremlins?)

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