Grafx 2 is "the ultimate" 256-color pixel art app

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I think I’ll have to pick this up, every now and again I realise how much I miss DPaint.

Recently I needed to do some pixel-art for a project and despite all the advances in computer technology since 1985, none of the current paint packages hold a candle to that EA masterpiece or to Brilliance which came along a few years later when Amiga’s had a true 256 colour mode.

I assume EA still own all the rights to DPaint?


Grafx 2 what I mainly use as an amateur pixel pusher. Mostly because I don’t really understand Photoshop very well and the GIMP takes too many extra clicks to draw a few circles and lines.


Designed to look like something running on the Commodore Amiga but with all the modern conveniences, Grafx 2 is pitched as “The ultimate 256-color painting program.”

Um… I don’t know what your Amiga was doing, but my Amiga 500 and Amiga 3000 (prior to the Picasso board upgrade) gave 4096 colors in HAM mode, thank you very much!




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