Graham Nash is auctioning off his Robert Crumb original art collection

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I never liked his style when I collected comics. When I got older, it grew on me some. I really appreciate him from seeing the documentary Crumb.

Man I wish I had sunk every dime I had into OLD comics when I was into them in high school. I do have a few older gems, but most of it is 90s schlock. The market for the good stuff has just gone up and up.

I am slowly getting some original sketches by comic artist. I have 5 so far. Well, 6 but I am not sure where one is…


I just inherited fifty or so underground comix, including the 1st 14 issues of ZAP. message me on F@$ebook if you want to see them… Oh, yeah, I’m on fbook as Dolly Fine…

Ist it an Andy Warhol, perhaps?

Watching the countercultural ephemera of the sixties become the prized and pricey collectibles of today’s successful capitalists is a continuing source of amusement for yours truly.


Guy Debord knew about it in the 60’s


This is you?


No. MW Kaluta. I know I have it. I have to have it. I just put it away some where super duper safe…

Great documentary. The segments about his brothers were fascinating, too.

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This will crack you up :slight_smile:

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Dolly Fine is the lead in my historical novel.

That ephemera was almost always collectibles for capitalists. See for example Thomas Frank:

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Holy moly, are you ever right. That is just fabulous.

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