Robert Crumb's Fritz the Cat sells for $717,000 at auction


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That’s pretty awesome. I love me some R. Crumb. His band was pretty awesome, too: The Cheap Suit Serenaders.


Some baby boomer has, er had, lots of extra cash.

Shit, I wish I had spent my money on comic art and silver age comics, vs the dreck of the 90s. The few gems I did snag have gone up in value. LIke this.

Got it signed by Neal Adams


They got scammed! Everyone knows that Fritz the Cat is dead!


That’s pretty awesome indeed.

“Critic Robert Hughes has compared Crumb to 16th-century Flemish master Bruegel, and Crumb’s work was recently exhibited alongside Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso, Hogarth and Durer in a monumental retrospective of engravings and drawings.” -Forbes


Money spent on something that is extremely likely to keep its value, like the original of a widely-known and -loved artwork, isn’t “extra cash” in the same way that money spent on a thing whose value can be expected to dwindle (like, say, a car) is. Of course, you have to be on track to cover the monthly bills before you buy either; it is “extra” in that sense.

Not that you don’t know all this. Also, sweet Neal Adams piece.


Yes, that is the sense I was using it. Sure, it is a fairly sound purchase in that you will likely be able to resell near that value, probably higher.

OH I haven’t showed off my splurge this year. Original commissioned sketch.


$717,000 can work wonders!


The auction site description explains that the artwork had been stashed in a “private collection” for years. (If it came directly from R. Crumb, I think that would have come out.)


Yet another rip-off of R. Crumb? There’s a history of that.


i’ve got 1300+ comics, mostly marvel, from 1962-1990. about half are in mint condition, another third in near mint, and the remaining sixth are in vf+ to nm. they’re stored individually in protective bags and then stored in acid-free cardboard boxes in my bedroom closet. values have depressed over the past 5 years but i’m thinking another 10-15 years will see them go up as people tire of reprints and start desiring the originals again.


Yet another rip-off of R. Crumb? There’s a history of that.

Yeah. Is there any way to find out if R. Crumb himself saw a penny of this?


There was a penny for him, but I bought it at auction for $5600.


The Bakshi movie was kinda good though.


I’m still lurking for silvester the cat that the famed raquel welsh introduced me to in a hollywood sexiest movies programme


The 60s and 70s stuff have gone up accross the board. Some of the 80s stuff has. Very little of the 90s stuff has, with noted exceptions of lower run series that became classics and first appearances. I sold off probably my most valuable comic from the 90s, the first appearance of Deadpool.

Some of the stuff I got like my long box of Robotech comics, even though they are indie, low run comics, just don’t have the audience for value. Some of what I have I do love still for the art, but there are tons of issues in high grade condition out there.

One little subset of collecting is people seeking super high grade graded comics. Certified 9.8 or higher can bring a stupid high premium.

Honestly, now might be a good time to collect for value, as the most popular runs are barely breaking over 100k issues. Scarcity is one reason why the older stuff is going up.

But i dont really collect anymore. I am getting new Shadow books and that is basically it.


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