Grandad builds miniature backyard Disneyland

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The kids’ expressions suggest they disagree.


Sorry about your college fund, kids. Disney sued the family into bankruptcy.

P.S. You are barred from their parks for life.


reitred aerospace has

Aerospace what?

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The dude built rides in his own backyard, with no profit in sight, only fun for his grandchildren, and he felt the name to “Bland X” everything? Is Disney that aggressive these days?


Yes, I need to get some Photoshop out of my system


he enlisted the help of his students at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona as backup reinforcements.

As a former Cal Poly Engineering student I’m both impressed and appalled that the was able to use his students as slave labor for this project.

“He had a guy certify it as a legit roller coaster.”

I have to question that part. It seems doubtful that thing can meet all the requirements of ASTM F2291, and I don’t think that the state inspectors from DOSH would be happy with some of the unpadded ride vehicle interior surfaces and the rough, unbanked turn at the bottom of the hill that jerks the riders around so hard that their hats fall off.

(That said, the real Matterhorn ride is probably even rougher.)

The real question, though, is WHERE IS THE SECRET BASKETBALL COURT?


My grandfather grew up near Disneyland and all I got was this cardboard boat.


I saw this and I assumed it was a Chinese grandad Disneyland rip off. It’s nice to see cheapness and zero respect for intellectual property isn’t restricted to my peeps.

Needs more briefcases.

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Yeah, 'cause the kids look like they’re having the time of their lives.

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Pictured: Grandad


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