Family builds a rollercoaster in their backyard during shelter-in-place

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This is why neighborhoods have HOAs.

  1. How did they get a building permit?
  2. Is it my imagination, or is he ducking in places to avoid losing large portions of skull?

Meh…build me something exciting, like a replica of Six Flags’ Superman rollercoaster, or Islands of Adventure’s Hulk rollercoaster.

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I’ve been on home-made rollercoasters, and they’re surprisingly scary, given the small scale. The thrills missing due to a lack of speed and dips are made up for with the fear that the whole thing will come apart at any second.

Yeah, that really struck me - the rider ducking and moving his head to one side while approaching various over-hangs. I don’t know if that was necessary or just a reflex, but the possibility of having your head caved in certainly adds some adrenaline to the whole experience.


Backyard roller coaster, huh? Those boys are so busted.

Roller coaster


Incoming Disney lawsuit in 5… 4… 3…

They are so many things on which that money would be better spent. SMH

Probably not much call for that in farm country! But yah!

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