Grandma Anderson, a friend to Emerson Elementary school children in the 70s-80s

Hello Denver! i am looking for anyone who remembers Grandma Anderson,who lived across the street from Emerson Elementary School in the 1970s-1980s and possibly the 60s too. I as well as hundreds off other children would go to her house after school. We would sing “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” and have cookies and kool-aid. We also would do crafts and get friendship from a great"grandma".
I attended Emerson in 1976-1978 for the second and third grade. iwould love to know what happened to all of her cherished gifts made by her “Grandchildren”, any history left about her. I know she became active in an Indian Church in the 1980s, she would still write me letters and messages on the church service handouts. Before her death she had sent me a tissue paper rose i had made for her while at Emerson El.
My family and I are coming to Denver in two weeks and I would really love to share “Her” with my teenage Daughter. Can anyone help me?

I do remember her! I met her when I was in 2nd grade (1968) and until the late 70s. She was a treasure and she loved her “children”. I remember we did a fashion show, made all kinds of projects. When I was older, late teens, she wanted to plant tulips all over her old neighborhoods that her family lived at in Denver. It took us two springs and a thousand bulbs but we did it. It made her so happy when we drove by and saw who planted the flowers.
I miss her…

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