Grandpa Witmer's Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer

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Because refrigerated organic peanut butter is a complete pain in the ass to stir up


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Hello? Yes. I’d like to report a crime


You could save $10 and just use a butter knife, which you probably already have. It can also be used to spread peanut butter onto your bread, and has a variety of other uses in your kitchen. After I stir a new thing of peanut butter, I put it into the fridge which keeps it from separating out again.


Now do a Whirly Pop…popcorn maker.

It also roasts coffee beans very well.

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You could also simply store it upside down until ready to use and use the previous butter knife suggestion. It does take a minute or two to fully stir up the first time you use it, but afterwards - unless it’s sitting for an extended period it works fine.

Also, just keep it on the counter/pantry. Unless you’re going through this stuff super slowly - it won’t last long enough for the temperature to be an issue, and it’s so much easier to mix/stir at room temperature.


Good choice of music, Mark. Unfortunately, it’s a unitasker.


I stand in defense of this one. The only unitasker in our kitchen besides a vegetable peeler. This tool just. fucking. works. I’d wager you nay-sayers are a bunch of oily-handed soup skimmers, satifsfied to spill peanut oil all over yourselves half-assedly stirring with a knife, then eating only the top-half of soup du huile d’arachide before tossing the can with a fudgy brick of mortar at the bottom. Get off my lawn, the lot of you.


The problem with most ‘natural’ peanut butter that has a inch of oil on the top.

And if you mix it with a knife, or fork, you end up ejecting a good bit of the of the oil on your hands and kitchen floor. Yes. I know I’m a bit clumsy.

But this device is a good thing to use…the only problem is that it’s sized to a particual size of PB jar…so if you get the correct sizes of lids or you have to rig up a solution with an old lid and dremel tool.

It multi tasks if you want to cos play “Captain Hook” for halloween.


See, we get the 80 oz Adams Crunchy from Costco and this little thing just won’t cut it. I always think of chucking a mixer whisk into a drill but then I just reach for a wooden spoon and use it like a spurtle. The key to mixing when there is a layer of oil on top is to start with a slow up and down plunging, not stirring, motion. After a few seconds, the oil starts to mix and then you can stir it round and round.


This. We get different peanut butter depending on what store we’re going to when we need to replenish.

Having said that, when I’m not feeling cheap and we’re at a store than offers fresh-ground PB, that is the very best solution, for not that much more money.


I never understood why natural peanut butter has the oil slick on top. I make my own peanut butter by just dumping two cups of peanuts into a food processor and blending until smooth. That’s it and there is never a pool of oil in the storage container. Tastier, cheaper, healthier, easier, cleaner.


Exactly: fresh ground is well blended. It’s when it sits around for weeks getting shipped to stores and then sitting on shelves that it separates.


Agreed that buying small quantities of fresh ground pb is the way to go.

If that isn’t an option, non-natural pb is really not so bad. It has a very small amount of hydrogenated oil which keeps it from separating.


Beater from a hand blender and a power drill does the trick at my place.


Why not use just one beater IN the hand blender? It’s already set up to work together.


That “Rubber Hole” is called a grommet, Pea-nut.


@nneul and @Some_Traveler; welcome aboard, comrades! Who’da guessed that an advert for a peanut butter agitator would bring in two new people; or are you both long time lurkers who got agitated by this subject and so stirred yourselves to post? Either way, it is nice to get more commentors. :+1:


Or you can just flip it over and put it in the fridge when you get it home.

Does half the mixing work for you.