Grandpa Witmer's Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer




When I was a kid my mom would only ever buy Laura Scudder’s nutty style peanut butter. Getting it onto a knife was like dredging the bottom of an oily lagoon, and it spread about as easily as a hunk of fresh asphalt. So basically I spent most of my youth thinking I hated peanut butter.


I bought this several years ago. It’s a keeper.


I love natural peanut butter as well, and when I first buy it, I just scrape it out of its jar and put it in a larger container. Then, when I need to stir it, there’s a lot more room in which to do so.


Bloody brilliant gizmo. What I did was develop a technique of angling a butter knife in and agitating the jar from the bottom. This lets the peanut oil go the the bottom of the jar first and not splash around to make a huge mess. It works, but is not as easy as this thing. Looks like it would work for tahini as well, which is quite a bit thicker.


Does the rubber grommet last?


First thing you do when you put the peanut butter away is turn it upside down and store it that way.

It makes a difference later when you mix it.


It seems that there is a much larger selection and better prices if you but directly form the manufacturer.


Small-batch, artisanal PB is the latest craze around here, and they seem to delight in using containers with jars small enough that knives can’t go in at an angle to stir or dispense. Bonus points for selling replacement gaskets/liners instead of of plastic one/few-time junk.

I’d check this out but I have a long-standing tradition of not following links that point to sketchy 3rd party domains.


I had to go check and see about a rubber grommet. And nope mine doesn’t have one. To clarify there’s no rubber part around the small ‘hook’ that goes through the lid. There is a plastic insert thingy on big lid that seals tight…that’s fine it’s not rubber but a stiff plastic.

In either case it works fine. I pull it apart and it goes in the dishwasher (might be where the grommet got lost). There’s no lost of functionality.

It’s just used to mix the PB and the original lid of the jar goes back on. Mine must be about 8 years old or more.


Looks like something that would show up in a what’s-this-object-for kind of sidebar.

#12 then there you are


All this makes me think of are those “How many times has this happened to you” commercials.



I don’t know why the creator of that video felt the need to make those commercials even more obnoxious.


Rubber Hole … wasn’t that one of the early Beatles albums?


I’ve tried a hundred PB variants, including artisanal, organic, made-while-you-watch, and every major brand. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia or what, but I only like JIF. No mixer needed.


You call it a mess. I call it getting to eat the peanut butter off the mixer beater.


“Adams” natural PB is the thing around here (Portland).

I’ve seen little ads for these hand cranks, and kept meaning to buy one, but found my own solution:

My electric hand mixer came with a bread hook attachment. It works really well. I do have to wipe some slopped oil from around the rim.


Ah, thanks. I saw one of these at a natural food store ages ago, and have looked in vain for one since.