I like this natural nut butter stirrer

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Nut Butter

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I just dump/scrape all the contents into a big bowl, and then stir it up and put it back in the jar. Works a charm.

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Eh, another day, another piece of unnecessary kitchen garbage being pimped out. How big is your kitchen, anyway?


don’t use a spoon. don’t try to stir it until the oil has penetrated back into the bottom.

stab straight down to the bottom of the jar with a butter knife. keep stabbing along perpendicular to the edge of the jar with one hand and slowly spin the jar with the hand you’re holding the jar with. then work inward to the center, still turning the jar as you go.
the oil will flow into the stabbed channels, and the stab motion will force some of the looser peanut butter down into the harder PB.
then you can turn the butter knife parallel to the jar edge, stab all the way down, and pry from the edge to center, shoving down any loose PB that falls into these larger holes. work your way around the jar agajn.

by now you should be able to stir the PB normally.

that’s it.

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I mean, there’s no Amazon commissions to be earned by telling you to get out a butter knife, are there?


Whatever happened to Grandpa Whitmer’s Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer? You used that thing for like five years! Did it finally break?


The genius here is that someone thought to sell a piece of bendy wire and a plastic hang tag for $10


I have that exact same mixer and I have to say, it works a treat. For those who complain that you can use a knife or move the nut butter (my fave is almond butter) to a mixing bowl, I’ve tried both methods and this tool is both easier and cleaner to use. Highly recommended.


Is it so hard to turn the unopened jar upside down, I always stored my natural PB that way, if you end up going a few weeks before you open it just flip it upright, they’ll be almost no oil and it’s easy to stir if need be.


We use stainless steel chopsticks which are plentiful here.

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I’ve been making my own peanut and almond butter for decades. Just the nuts in the food processor and nothing else. I’ve never had the homemade stuff separate like the store bought natural peanut butters, so I’ll never go back.

With tahini, though, my trick is to turn the jar upside down when i bring it home from the store. after the oil rises to the top, I turn it right side up and then stir with the oil on the bottom. it goes so much easier and usually doesn’t separate out after that. That works for natural peanut butter too.


I didn’t know I needed this until now…

Bingo. The main thing I learned from peanut butter mixing discussions is that there is no reason to put up with manufactured peanut butter separating if you have access to freshly ground peanut butter. I have a tub right now that is 2/3 gone and shows no signs of separation. Bonus is that I eat more peanut butter because it is more convenient.


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