Grandpa Witmer's Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer

I knew I should’ve bought one of these the last time it was on BB; 50% price increase in eight years is way over inflation.


Goes great with Grandpa Witner’s “kitchen with plenty of storage.”


Someone needs to put a knife on the end of the mixer. Then you just put the mixing lid back on after spreading peanut butter. No cleaning at all.

If you’re worried about crumbs, go look at the standards for acceptable number of bug fragments in you peanut butter, then come back and talk to me about bread crumbs getting in.


(le sigh) I skip the whole mess by going to my local health food store and grinding it myself. We go through a one quart container in about a week while keeping the other quart or two in the fridge until we need it.

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Fine if you want sugar and other crap in your PB. I prefer not. I miss being near health food stores with grinders, just grab a pint container and grind your own. Only bad part was having to stir in the salt, since that’s a requirement for mine. These days its “natural” from the supermarket, and it gets shelved upside down.

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How did I know that on reading the title to this post it was Mark?
BTW, ever try Peanut butter, Honey, and Sriracha together?
I mix up a small batch up in a separate jar.
Bonus, It seems to not separate.

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I really should wake up every morning with gratitude to God knowing that I live in a world where I, as a consumer, can purchase such a pain relieving device. Amen.

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The whole time I was watching that I video I was wondering, “How would Red Green handle this situation?”


I felt like i was reading a mirror with this post…i eat the same pb (im guessing…green label?) And i love the pb mixer. Feels lile a magic trick every time. We’re very much a non-single-use-device family, but this and the garlic crusher are the exceptions. It was an America’s test kitchen pick too, and those folks don’t mess about.

I used to do that, but then heard that aflatoxin from mold is more likely in peanuts that sit around for a long time. Now I buy jarred natural p butter, hoping that it’s made from peanuts that haven’t been sitting around for a long time. Must admit, though, that I haven’t researched the topic.

You can easily just make peanut butter from scratch with an immersion blender and a steel milkshake-maker cup. Heat up some nuts in a pan on the stovetop or oven until they darken, cool for a few minutes, place in the steel cup and blend, add salt, honey, sugar, etc. to taste, if desired. You can make as much or little as you like, and it’s always very fresh. Best of all, it tastes MUCH better than anything from a jar.

Lehman’s has had this for a while.

I don’t know how their return policy/warranty is nowadays, but I’ve gotten things from them in the past, and they always replaced anything I found sub-par. Their returns policy page says “We have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so if your order is not what you expected or our products are not satisfactory, you can return for a refund, credit or replacement.”

Sounds like any broken grommet issue (upthread) could be covered.

We buy our tahini in a bucket (East Wind) about once every three months. It takes quite a while to stir it and mix it properly. Then I jar it up and put it in the fridge because oils need refrigeration in our climate.

We use a big wooden spoon to stir the tahini bucket, a butter knife to stir peanut butter jars. We are trying to reduce our single-use tools. Our house is unbig, with no garage, garden shed, or basement. And our attic is full of red wasps and scorpions (here’s hoping that one will take out the other).

I just alternate storing the jar upside down and right side up. It pretty much stirs itself that way as the oil is constantly trying to migrate to the top. And I can spend my $12 on more peanut butter!


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