Grandpa Witmer's Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer

There’s two of them so I guess their motives are mixed. Nice to see them both combine around a peanut butter post though. I’d like to amalgamate my greetings with his, @nneul and @Some_Traveler - welcome, I’m sure you’ll both blend in here, just fine.


Why not use just one beater IN the hand blender? It’s already set up to work together.

Not really enough power for the brand of PB we buy.


Really? Mine is never the right size for the jar.

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Pretty much what i do, flipping the jar upside down ahead of time does help minimize the possibility for the oil spilling but plunging a knife rather than stirring works pretty well. I very rarely end up making a mess

So there’s an even simpler way to deal with the oil on the top of natural peanut butter that works really well. Store the jar upside-down. So long as you do that in advance of using it, no mixing is required

I’ve roasted coffee beans in a popcorn maker that I bought at a thrift store. The first roast turned out excellent. During the second roast, sparks started shooting out of the machine :grimacing:



A WhirlyPop is just an aluminum pot with a crank on the lid that turns a set of tines. Unless your stove is shorting, no sparks will ensue. Much less risky than any electrical device from thrift. :flushed:

I’m on team Hand Mixer With One Beater for natural PB. Some jar inversions at first to get the oil back through the peanut sludge, then mix and chill. Works great, though now we have a decent food processor, and DIY PB sounds easy…

As others have said you’ll have to get the unit that is the right size for your chosen brand/quantity of peanut butter. We get the two packs of 28oz Costco peanut butter and I had to search for the right size–turns out it is Witmer #500 which you can get directly from them.

It is true this device is the definition of a unitasker, and if you want to buy your peanut butter from wherever is cheapest instead of the same place every time it won’t be for you. But I’ve done the flip-the-jar thing and the stir-with-a-knife thing and life is way too short for that nonsense. This thing does a complete job of mixing the jar quickly and cleanly with virtually no trouble and I am here for that kind of product.

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The point of having a discussion regarding pros and cons is for those who might be eager for a solution to the problem to consider whether or not this product will in fact be the right solution for them.


I don’t eat PB often, the few times i do use it is in smoothies/shakes and i only use a small amount so getting the mixer is pretty pointless to me. I don’t mind mixing the peanut butter myself when i have to, i’ve never thought it to be difficult or time consuming but i know my priorities will be different from someone else.

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My personal preference for a kitchen multitool is what I think they call a parfait spoon. A long handle and a small bowl make it useful for all kinds of things.


Peanut butter is a non-Newtonian fluid. I’m convinced of this. The harder you stir it, the more resistance it exerts.


Oh, come on – that’s just nuts.



I really don’t care if someone gets it and likes it. Putting peanut butter in the fridge however i will not-so-silently judge :eyes:


I always wanted to be able to buy some kind of kitchen version of those paint can shakers they have at hardware stores, but I guess having to adjust to so many different sizes and type of container would introduce to many potential problems (and liabilities).

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I empty the jar into a big bowl and use a potato masher. I tried just using spoons but that doesn’t work very fast. The second step to my technique is very messy - putting it all back into the jar. once it goes in the fridge it tends to stay mixed up pretty nicely.

But cold peanut butter is hard to spread thin without destroying the bread. Sometimes I give up doing the whole mixing process and spoon out some sediment, add a little bit of the oil, then mix it up on serving at a time with a knife. That softens it up a bit too.

Ultimately the easiest is to buy the kind of peanut butter that has extra oils in it… for those who like to play life on easy mode.

I am put in the strange position of agreeing with everything you wrote in your reply while not understanding the point of it being written.

Happy Canada Day! :maple_leaf: