Grant Morrison on Happy! "the world is a nihilistic hellhole plunging toward screaming entropy, but ... we have hope"

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I don’t know if I want to live in a world where people watch Happy! every Christmas…


well, there are moments where you burst into tears, and there’s kind of manipulation of emotions like E.T…

We haven’t even seen episode one and he’s already decided we’re bursting into tears? Good to be confident in your abilities, I suppose. I’ll just leave this here:

Episode 3 aired last night, FYI. (Premiere episode was Dec. 6 on SyFy)

This show has been excellent so far (or as excellent as something mostly populated by very (very) bad people doing very (very) bad things can be). Scripting, acting, directing, production are all first rate…but the story is so far beyond “noir” as to make carbon black look like ecru. (Which pbly accounts for the audience between Eps 1 & 2 dropping by half a mil, or almost 40%.)

Meloni (who’s also a producer, I think) is fantastic. The storyline alternates between backstory and current events; last night Meloni (ex-detective Sax) flipped off SVU by showing the hard-shell-surrounding-an-alcoholic-nougat that claims so many first responders. Patton is incredible as Happy! (The same naivete and innocence as Constable Bob on Justified, but with higher stakes…it almost hurts to watch Happy!'s optimistic coping skills.)

But so far the show is being stolen by Medina Senghore, as the single mom whose daughter has been abducted. Sax – and pretty much everyone he has contact with – are all wired with pretty short fuses, but Amanda Hansen is being played to burn slow. If she ever gets her hands on this shitheel pseudo-Santa creep, stand clear.


I’ve seen the first two episodes. It is dark, very dark, and wacky. On a scale of 1-10 I’d score myself as a 9 when it comes to dark and wacky. We are in a neck to neck horse race.

Sax is great. I forget his name, but as a character actor he is incredible. Patton is perfect. And this is after watching him for decades. Medina holds the pathos for the show.

It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It can be a bit Roger Rabbity–in a good way–but I really enjoy what I’m seeing.


Oh it looks excellent. I’m just surprised a reviewer is telling me that I’m bursting into tears.

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The heat death of the universe screams does it? Who would have thunk?

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I am just in awe of this show. I didn’t have much hope it from the ads; it could have been OK, it could have easily been stupid. But, lord, when you lead off with some low-life vomiting blood into a urinal of a seedy bar, well, you’ve definitely got MY attention. And I don’t think I will ever get the scene where Sax is dabbing while huge, amazing amounts of blood is gouting out of his head out of my own head. It hasn’t made me cry yet (jaw more or less permanently dropped, yes), but give it time. I also like that the horrible Santa is actually listed in the credits as “Really Bad Santa”.

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You’ve never scream vomited blood into the urinal of a seedy bar then called 911 on yourself? Jeez, I don’t know the measure of a person till they’ve scream vomited blood into the urinal of a seedy bar then called 911 on themselves.

No, I am not joking. I haven’t been successfully shot yet, but get yerself to a seedy bar and scream vomit some blood. I recommend basically any place in Oakland CA. Or new Orleans. Or Prague. Manhattan also fits the bill.

Look, it’s easy to find a place. … Like Heathrow. Or Munich. Hell, globe Arizona. Don’t judge.

Quartzite is also nice. Pendleton is okay. Beware of the wildlife in Florida. Heaving your guts in Yellowstone is not recommended. And try to hold it in while in the Olympic mountains.

Also brno. And keep your stuff together hiking munroes.

And northern Ireland. Other than that, yer good.

I’ve got like a dozen of these things. Apparently I’m hard to kill.

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