Great deal on a clip-on book reading light

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Thanks I think it is cool! I may try it - I have a lot of paper books too.

Can I also add (just to get it over with) the jerky smartarse comment you will likely get - “why not read your kindle at night and your paper books during the day?”

I have this exact model of book light, and will vouch for it. The flexible neck allows for ideal light positioning, and the LEDs mean the batteries will last for a solid 6 months or more. The only thing I could imagine improving on it would be to have a longer, stronger spring clip on the base. It’s just slightly too small to clip very strongly onto a wad of paperback, though it works perfectly with hardcovers.

I wonder if they make night reading glasses?

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The books I’m likely to read in bed at night, in the wee hours, are often paperbacks from the library, Can a paperback book survive a clipon booklight?

It’s workable, just clip it to a few millimeters worth of pages at the end of the book. It’s a little awkward to use at the very start and very end of a paperback, but it’s still pretty decent.

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