Moon night lights


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I’m not sure how you are defining “lots of good reviews” here. 20 reviews is pretty small for an Amazon product and they seem pretty evenly split between good and bad reviews.

I would have loved one of these when I was a kid. Then, of course, what I wanted was the sort that J. Arthur Crank sang about on The Electric Company, which looked like a miniature old-fashioned street lamp. My parents got a plain cheap plastic one instead. While I was trying to find a picture of Crank’s nightlight I found this:

Sleep tight, kids!


It would be nice if it would rise up on some sort of flexible extension at random times during the night…


I would get the Galaxy version and finally live out my childhood dream of emulating Dennis McKenna.

There are plentiful laptop backlights out there, just ask any laptop repair place for cracked displays. (You’ll likely get it without the fluorescent tube and the power supply, these are needed. Just replace it with a string of SMD LEDs; it is a bit fiddly but not so difficult job.) Replace the cracked LCD panel with thin glass or acrylic, with a good printout of the Moon, Earth, or any other object.

Or don’t put in any printout and use it as a light table, for e,g, viewing negatives or tracing drawings.

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