Great deal on LED light bulbs

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You get what you pay for with LED bulbs. I had a batch of cheap ones that randomly exploded into (literally) red hot shrapnel.


They can’t be shipped to CA because these bulbs don’t meet the Title 20/Title 24-JA8 requirements in California, so if you install them you may fail your next building inspection by your local municipality. Yes, this has happened to me.

I believe it’s because these are CRI-80 lights and California requires CRI 82 or higher for residential installations. They also have a “compliance score” of 278, but California requires a 282 or higher for new bulbs.


They’re also counterfeit. Pls delet.

For those who like the color of a dimmed incandescent, check out the Philips Warm Glow bulbs.

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Why do you say that? They’re sourced on Amazon from vendor Sylvania Home Lighting, and if these are counterfeit, then… I would think Sylvania would take notice:

I couldn’t get a pair of five-bladed paper shredding scissors shipped to California, nor could I get oil-based linoleum block printing ink. The latter I can sort of understand, but the scissors???

If you read the top review you would see that they have. They aren’t the advertized specifications and most obviously they don’t have the Sylvania logo on the bulbs.

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In fact, that top review, calling out the counterfeits, was written by Sylvania.

And why do you say that?

The username is “Cleverness” and their other reviews, of which there are only 5, are not Sylvania, and the 5 replies to that review all contradict that review…

Surprised everyone’s overlooked the greatest limitation:

Exclusively for Prime members

Taking Prime membership for granted is some subtle elitism.

If you are in So. CA, you can usually head to your local 99 cent store, dollar tree, Daiso etc… and get LED bulbs (with “discount in price courtesy of So. Cal Edison” verbiage) for $0.50 ea. They’re generally some random brand (Broada, Opto-light etc…), but at least so far, appear to be safe.

When the LED’s began to become more common, and a replacement for the curly fluorescents, I went and bought a flat of these bulbs from the 99 cent store for (relative) dirt cheap.

Can’t speak for other states, but maybe there’s a similar deal with whatever your local variety of dollar store is?

I got a box of 20 free, from my electric company. In fact, the seem to want to send me another box every year - far more than I can use!

aaaaack, 2700K, that’s not even warm white, that’s pee yellow.

Anything sub 3500K shouldn’t be rated for CRI, lumens nor equivalent wattage to incandescent for a reference point., UL won’t validate (nothing sub 4000K) nor will Energy Star on those specs.

Thanks for showing me a non deal cheap bulb, you get what you pay for .

(FYI sylvania led bulbs have been a huge disappointment (for me) not even reaching 3 years (notice they are only spec’d to reach 11k hours now which is 5.5 years with 8 hours a day 5 days a week, not 23K hours better quality LED bulbs should deliver outside of driver circuitry))

Why do you think they are counterfeit? They are listed on Sylvania’s page, and the ones I bought do not look cheap or weird (see attached photo)

The ones I bought have the logo, Menfin.

Do your homework :slight_smile:

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