Great overview of Oglaf, the fantastic fantasy webcomic



This is really one of my great pleasures, and is mentioned on my dating profiles to scare away the timid while luring the adventurous. It is so not-straight, so twisted but fun, and so shameless in how much they REALLY like sex, that I would count it as one of the better webcomics out there.

Just because very few others treat sex quite as well.


Trudy Cooper is amazing. I’m a longtime fan of her previous printed-and-web comic “Platinum Grit”, currently on hiatus.

She has a wonderfully bizarre sense of humor, writes intricate and engaging characters, and has an eye for such extreme detail that you can find something new and interesting about an update practically every time you reread it.

I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.


Oh gods, yes, it’s a great and frequently hilarious comic. You could also strip (no double entendre intended) all the sex comics out of there and you’d still be left with a solidly comedic fantasy comic.


Their take on iOS7 is hilarious:


Case in point, one of my favorites.


This DEFinitely needs an NSFW tag (I’m not against the content but even though the BB article mentions the sexual content there are always some who just click the link…)

By the way, why isn’t NSFW some sort of HTML “” tag or attribute by now? Maybe there should be a few like
BAG (Bad as Goatse)
UC (Unicorn Chaser)
others left as an exercise for the readers?

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It’s becoming common internet practice to mark things that are safe for work with a SFW tag. If it doesn’t have that tag, don’t click it at work.

Maybe don’t do non-work things at work.

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You almost had me there, but that comic is from November 2012.

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Love Oglaf - really miss that treacherous flying jizz.


Oglaf is great. I usually wait 2 - 3 months and then read whats new.

Is that what that’s about? That comic is now twice as funny.

One of my favorite things is the wish dolly. I’m a sucker for stories about perverting wishes.


Yeah, that’s one of my favorites, too. I also like the follow-up “Fountain of Death” comic.

It’s amazing how much milage they’ve gotten out of that idea - they just keeping coming up with jokes and storylines.

The Xoan ambassador is my favorite. The Pinecone cracks me up every time.

For certain values of “fantastic” and/or “fantasy”… Yeah, despite being sex-themed, it’s surprisingly good. I keep an eye on it. It doesn’t qualify for “favorite” status, though.

Okay, you got me. I made that up. But you have to admit it’s eerily prescient.

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