Great price on a pound of matcha powder

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I bought this stuff last time it was featured, and I am drinking the heck out of it.

It became my replacement morning caffeine fix, and occasional afternoon booster.


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If I find it cheaper somewhere else, will they price matcha?


Hey, yous gotta matcha?
Yeah, my dogga and yous face-a!

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Is it made from people?


Not to be confused with Bolivian marching powder.


That pricing is in “too good to be true” territory. Ah, manufactured in China. That explains it. I’ll pass on ingesting anything from a country that has medieval attitudes towards food safety.

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Well yeah…but is tea technically a food? Would this delicious beverage have been acceptable to you in Medieval times?

I bought it from amazon on sale for 13.95 a while ago - so I think it goes on sale periodically. Also maybe it’s not that good in fact (I cant tell - seems fine).

If there’s one thing China isn’t know for, it’s their tea.

Joking aside, I get your hesitation and I share it. But I guess if it kills me, I’ll be in good company, and I may escape a 2nd Trump term. Bright sides all the way down, really.

(edit) I ran their Amazon reviews through Fakespot and it came back with an F rating. As much as I’m tempted by this, I’m going to have to pass.

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It’s a multiwalled carbon nanotube precursor -and- a collostrum substitute! Melamine!
That is medeival period #5, fire child variant, at least.
Maybe #7; didn’t want you getting too comfortable with late stage capitalism variant.

May we all run straightaway to $370/lb. matcha some day.


I’d love to see the results of some sort of lab on what besides tea is in this stuff.

Well, it’s organic, so…organs? :wink:

ETA: winky-face

Probably. And maybe lots of ick too. :thinking:

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