Great price on a pound of matcha powder

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Made in China, not in Japan. That’s why it’s so cheap.


Low grade matcha powder isn’t that expensive and is fine for baking or otherwise matcha-flavoring things. It’s just when you want a cup of actual matcha tea that you want the good stuff.


Unless you prefer the taste of “low grade” matcha.

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I love green tea, can’t stand using matcha powder for it. Always tastes like Play-Doh to me.

But its probably great for baking!

I have some matcha powder that is really pleasant as an iced beverage. Matcha powder is not meant to be a replacement for green tea, it’s a different thing, especially in texture. I’m not buying the super expensive stuff, but I’m also not getting the stuff that is bitter or has a weird (Play Doh?) smell to it.


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Looks sold out the next day…or their brand matching, price per ounce failsearch are casually instrumented in exalting the new MatchaDNA $27 samey label. Flows from the knockoff notebook article maybe… It’s like the full-mouth vibrating toothbrush, but for razorblades! China’s not questioning my tastes, however this particular one runs. [Map: Xinjiang is too far north for tea growing, maybe?]

“tea” has always seemed so dubiously generic to me. “green tea” doesn’t seem much better.

I mean, I know it is SUPPOSED to be specific plants, but in practice, given the overall nature of international business, can one be certain what kind of leaf is used to make “green tea” every time it says “green tea”? In the ingredients, should it say a specific plant name?

No, it should merely be a specific set of plants that make you jolly on chlorophyll catabolism, poison rather little, and have less tannins than acorns by a bit while being enough to have you sip (unless it’s ice cream, where the recipe has to work the same.)

Losing trustworthy vendors and their brands hurts a bit all right. I won’t be buying Nike matcha soon. How am I going to find a reliable make of absinthe matcha? Gotta bankroll the milk bars back.

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