Japan has way more interesting Kit Kat flavors than rest of world


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a few stores in NYC chinatown have green tea. that’s a personal fave of mine…


When they have smoked venison call me.


Japan has way more ‘interesting’ Kit Kat flavors than rest of world

Gee, ya think?


I want to try green tea and also azuki bean!


Yup. There’s a major local supermarket that carries the green tea and dark chocolate flavors in the “international foods” aisle.


Here’s a slideshow of 50 or so-


But also the regular Kit Kats taste better in Japan because they are made by Nestle instead of the Hershey’s chocolate used in America.


I once saw an ad on tv there for strawberry ice cream flavored fish sausage.

The first time tortilla chips came to the local convenience store, it was pollack roe and mayonnaise flavored Doritos.


while we were in australia in 2014 we saw 11 or 12 different flavors of kit kat bars. there’s an undeniable asian influence in australia.


“Interesting” sometimes means “tastes really bad” here


how come we only like a couple of standard flavors (vanilla, choc, strawberry)…even peach is exotic and we are known for it? it has always confused me since we as a country represent innovation.


I wish I hadn’t learned this. Now I’ll have to go on living my life with the knowledge that I’ve barely scratched the surface of Kit Kat-dom.


Yes. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a green tea Kit Kat.


Seems Kit Kat flavours is a recurring theme on Boingboing


Sake and Wasabi flavors are on my table right now.


Green tea’s lovely[1], but (curiously) it isn’t really one of the ‘weird’ flavors. I mean, it is for us but in region cuisine green tea, particularly matcha powder is a traditional flavor in deserts. The rest of the flavors are deliberately a bit odd, but that one’s just food localisation, as it were. :slight_smile:

[1] Though, naturally, it’s Japanese-style green tea, which is a shame for me, because I prefer it Chinese-style, i.e. not steamed.


Had a few of the Japan only flavours - the best one was probably the Hokkaido Melon that I think is only available at some airports. Matcha green tea was great (I feel the matcha part is necessary to mention because “green tea” doesn’t have the same meaning in the UK, possibly the US). The sake flavour was good too! You can get various boxes on Amazon through the marketplace that has quite a lot of the unique flavours, good to know they are available even if they are expensive!


The baked custard one was interesting (you were supposed to warm it in an oven first for a true baked flavor), as was the purple sweet potato. I didn’t enjoy the soy sauce or wasabi flavors I tried. But agreed with others, the matcha green tea flavor was the one I can see being popular here in America.


well - you can usually buy this stuff off amazon or ebay, but yes it would be a little expensive…but why not just treat yourself and scratch that itch. most likely you’ll experience what I did and say, meh it is ok but not worth 10$ for 1 bar.

but riddle me this - there are things you just can’t get…like India has Kellogs Cornflakes Mango Flavor. I tried them in India and they were amazing. Amazon India has them but I can’t get them to ship to me, and can’t find anyone else to sell them.