Japan has way more interesting Kit Kat flavors than rest of world

The creme brule flavor was awesome. They even suggest you toast the top and serve warm. Highly recommended junk food

If you poke around you can find bags of the “mini” Kit-Kats for $5-$8, which for a whole bag isn’t bad at all. Or there’s stores that specialize in Japanese snacks.

Yes! That one was really tasty. It and the baked custard tasted nearly identical but were both fun.

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Depending on where you live you can buy them from asian or international markets. There’s a korean grocery store near me that carries a few flavors, so if there’s an asian part of town i’d check them out :slight_smile: Otherwise you can check out ebay, Amazon or other sites that specialize in selling Japanese candy


for a while, i’d bring the wife back different kit-kat flavors when travelling.

she did not seem to enthused, so I stopped, and gave them to friends instead

now? i just try to bring back my sanity! :smiley:

foreign Kit Kats, DO taste better, apparently less waxy hersheys chocolate makes the difference

Eek I haven’t seen that one before. But it’s “sparkling strawberry” with strawberry aroma. Maybe no fish in it at all?


I have a coworker who frequently goes to Japan, and she always brings me Kit Kats. The blueberry cheesecake ones are sublime. Also love the Wasabi.

No, there’s actually a seafood flavored KitKat product.

I’ve never tried it myself, but it does exist.

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I saw half of an aisle of them in the grocery store in LA’s Little Tokyo, along with wacky Oreo flavors.

Yes, I’ve had it when I was in Japan. It’s awesome.

Would also recommend green tea icecream from Korea. They make fresh green tea ice cream from tea powder when you visit the Boseong mountainside fields in Jeollanam-do.

Nok-cha aiseu-keulimeu po-peu neun chuseyo . Gamsahamnida.

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But it would be like $25.00 a pound, and you would only be able to hunt for it in stores during certain seasons.

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Worth it

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