There are Sake-flavored Kit-Kats now


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I have had these Kit Kats twice now, and they are unbelievably good.

They taste like white chocolate Kit Kats with a mild sake flavour that lingers.

I am very sad they are limited edition, but I’ve checked sites and several still have boxes available for order.




Why wouldn’t there be? I was given Matcha-flavoured KitKats for Christmas.


cat on left: Itadakimasu. cat on right: kanpai!


Pomegranate or cappuccino. Mochi is also an acceptable answer.

(Chocolate’s good too)


Tiramisu ones ain’t bad either.



We got some Green Tea ones from @JemmieDuffs’s sister in law for xmas. They were actually pretty tasty.


I was going to post that and then remembered I poached it from you :slight_smile:

Haven’t had a chance at the tiramisu but want to try them!


I can get bags of the minis of those, but I figured I should stop at two chins.


I ordered some from Japan via TENSO. They do have a very mild sake flavor and are pretty good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get more.


I should check the local Asian markets here as they have a good assortment of candies. My favorite Asian candy is haw flakes.


Do they taste haw-full?


Almost but not quite like currants.


I’ve got a strange compulsion towards these things.


I have ordered some eclectic KitKats, back when I wasn’t destitute. This month I was able to score a local bag of KitKat Black for the little ones, which were fairly good. Weirdest ones I ever had were some limited wine flavors.


I first read this a “snake flavored kit-kats.” I’m glad it’s “sake.”


Those just taste like chicken.


Okay, in my experience, sake has always tasted awful - like tequila. You drink it to be drunk, not for the flavor, right?
Or has it been the case that I continually end up being served skunky sake?
Or is there a genetic disposition, like how cilantro tastes like soap to me and many others?

Seriously…sake has always tasted nasty to me. What gives?

Edit: And yes, though I prefer B & B or Drambuie - I can drink scotch, vodka, gin, etc. with no horrid taste reaction as I have with sake.


That’s a hard question, it’s similar to saying what’s beer taste like. Milwaukee’s Best or Guinness?

Some are very sour and have a harsh alcohol taste, some are smooth and cloudy with a sweet taste.