Review: Cappucino flavor Lays




Just in time for Halloween!


Don’t hold back Rob, tell us how you really feel :slight_smile:


We tried it and so did our dogs. The dogs were happy we not so much. Video review available at 1

Agreed with the review.


I am reminded of a classic schoolyard ditty:

Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Mutilated monkey meat
Chopped-up baby birdies’ feet
Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Oops, I forgot my spoon.


but did you like them?


Oh come on, was it at least a delightful coffee-flavored tomb?


When I saw these in the store, my first thought was that it was an exceptionally well-produced culture-jamming prank, like Goober Grape or menthol cigarettes. But no, they are a real product.


Al Pacino Cappuccino* Chips. You know it’s going to be Bad and Wrong, but there’s still some part of that wants to try them…

We had a rash of odd flavours here including Vegemite (Not nearly as good as Marmite ones) and Meat Pie and Gravy (those were quite nice) but Aussie chips are usually quite pedestrian.

*WTF AutoCorrect?


I said to a friend that they need to invent pizza-flavored beer, and he said “There already is, it’s called puke.”



The wasabi ginger potato chips introduced at the same time are actually pretty tasty. You were brave to try those coffe chips anyway.


Excellent review, five out of five, recommended to all. Do keep them coming.


Isn’t the important point not that these taste bad, but that we now live in a culture where Frito Lay felt compelled to release these because of social media instead of having them go though a more traditional process that would have conceivably included taste tests?


I am a fan of the wasabi ginger as well… i hope they continue making them. i took one bite of the cappucino and threw the bag in the garbage.


Every time I see the commercials for Lays flavoured chips, I keep thinking: “What about potato-flavoured chips, eh?”

Every once in a while, I used to pick up a bag of Kettle Brand Krinkle Cuts. They used to taste like potatoes; you used to get a little liquid oil at the bottom of the bag and they tasted great.

After Diamond Foods bought the company, they changed something in how they were cooked. Now they’re completely flavourless and taste like, basically, salt.

So now, I have to make my own.
Mandolin-sliced to about 2 mm thick, laid out on parchment paper on cookie sheets, a very thin drizzle of oil, and in the oven for about 30 minutes. As with roasting coffee, you have to watch 'em like a hawk for the last five minutes.


My feeling was that the flavor wasn’t particularly bad – it did taste like coffee and milk – but that it was wholly inappropriate for a potato chip. The same flavor in a cookie form would have been delightful. But not on a chip.


I tried these on a lark as well. Anyone that is willing to put out something that on the surface sounds like it would taste like shit before you even put it in your mouth deserves to be rewarded with a try.

I thought is tasted great once I realized I’d never tried a desert potato chip. Like you, I think it would taste better as a cookie, but it wasn’t bad. I think most of the people jumping on this is reacting to the initial thought in their mind without trying it just as it is.


You all can go to hell, these chips are delicious.


Are any of these flavors any good?

The bacon mac and cheese were a solid “meh”, and the mango one had me spitting it out into the sink.