Captain Crunch Oops All Berries was the best cereal…


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I used to do the same thing with lucky charms, trying to create all marshmallow servings. Looking back, they were rather chewy and gross without the cereal part (though as a kid I’m sure I didn’t care, and the effort it took probably made it worthwhile.) The cereal part, all by itself (unlike Cap’n Crunch, which is still quite delicious) is pretty much inedible alone though.


re: Potato chips – my friend and I would often fight over the “foldies”, as they were better than the non-folded chips. We had a plan to market a brand of chips as just-foldies… we had no idea how we were going to ensure every chip was a foldy, but…


That’s kind of how I feel since the Lego® minifig became a custom doll. Used to be, the little people were defined by the construction you put them in. But somehow that doesn’t seem good enough, when you can choose from a burlesque dance, a mime, or a mermaid right out of the bag.


That made me laugh. It’s so strange that everyone who has ever eaten a bowl of Cap’n Crunch has the same masochistic relationship with this cereal.


Plus, never forget that, if you binge on Oops, All Berries, and have three or four bowls (or so I am told), and there’s no delicate way to put this, it will… turn… your… poop… BLUE. And don’t doubt that there are people reading this right now who are thinking, “Man, I gotta try that.”


And of course the brown potato chips have higher levels of acrylamide, because nothing that tastes really good is allowed to be healthy.


in other words, the ORIGINAL cap’n crunch flavor? (to be fair, i love them all. especially peanut butter.)

also, i’ve never heard of those chips, but i’m ordering some have embiggened my world. thank you.


I cannot look at a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal without thinking of the pain from my shredded hard palate, and the little strings and flaps of partially avulsed mucous membrane.


Although I would dearly love a bag of those chips, I can’t bring myself to pay over $30 (including outlandish shipping rates) to get them.



Thank goodness they’re describing them as something to add to cereal and not advocating creating some soggy rainbow colored gruel by using them alone like I did in my misspent youth.


Wow, are almost all the examples in this thread contrary to my own experience. First of all, I never liked the burnt potato chips. I still skip 'em, because to me they taste… burnt. Also, I was never a particular fan of Cap’n Crunch, but when I ate them, I never found them particularly painful. That’s what the milk’s for, people. You gotsta let the cereal submerge for at least a few seconds before you eat it, Cap’n Crunch a bit more than your average Raisin Bran (which gets inedibly soggy fast).

Also, I was happy as hell to discover all-strawberry packs of Starburst. Wish I could still find them. I pretty much like all the original Starburst flavors, but the strawberry ones were head and shoulders above the rest. Gimme a lifetime supply of pink ones, and I’d never miss the yellows and oranges (and barely miss the reds).


Yeah, I’ve always heard about people ravaging the top of their mouth with Cap’n Crunch, but it never happened to me. You’re not supposed to take the Crunch part of the name literally! Cap’n Crunch is way better if you give it a 20 second or so milk bath to get it to the perfect semi-crunchy consistency.

And I too, think the brown potato chips were the gross ones, second only to the dreaded green edged ones (which everyone knows are deadly poison) in undesirability.

Hate starbursts though. Way too tart. I was a Now & Later kid (banana FTW) when it came to square chewy candies.


My mother stopped buying them for us for this reason. And it did’t take 3 or 4 bowls. It was one and done. And it wasn’t blue. It was the same sort of sticky, green-black poopin that apparently means you’re dying. One of my lovely siblings forgot to flush. And mom (the ER nurse) spent a good afternoon absolutely FREAKING out about which child was expelling medically devastating information. At some point I pointed out that that always happened to me when she bought the crunch berries. And she stopped buying it there after.


from food to soggy cardboard leaf mulch in 60 seconds.


My wife got me some of those a couple of years ago – a couple of good sized plain cheap ziplock bags. (eat 'em fast or store them properly, otherwise, you end up with little mooshy mallows)

Never was a Cap’n fan (closest thing to the Cap’n was probably Freakies), but Lucky Charms? Yummmers! It was also my go to TV snack – would get a handful of cereal; separate the marshmallows; eat the cereal; mash the marshmallows into a ball. Once I had my fill of cereal, I would start eating my marshmallow ball like a small apple. I also loved the dust at the bottom of the cereal “bag” – would lick my finger and dip it in the dust {repeat until no dust}

I’m still amazed that I have all of my teeth and do not have some form of diabetes…


I would call that “Extremely Lucky Charms”. Love that the vendor is “Discount Herbals”.


Know your market.


Those chips…why not simply label them “Detroit isn’t segregated like Baltimore” chips, or for gas shops “Gravity’s Rainbow” chips…the ingredients would explain the conspiracy to take all the nice calories out by spinning out some of the oil, and that the owner was somewhat of a homeopath and that by feeding you crazily metastatized potatoes propped up by different farming practices your body wouldn’t be tempted to do that itself.