Cough drop-flavored Kit Kats

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Kit Kats for people with colds?


Oh, Japan, you… you’re so crazy.


So that’s three years of soccer scores in one announcement?


Since a dry cough is a side effect for my blood pressure medication I can see where this would be nice.
Admittedly it isn’t as bad now a year plus in but oh man I was going through the sugar free menthol drops like crazy for awhile. I actually kinda like them as just a candy now.

I like candy simply because it’s a pleasure thing. Sits on a sweet spot so to speak and just makes it smile. Somehow the idea of eating candy because it might be good for you is just disgusting. I really like the idea of doing things that aren’t necessarily health but just delight me.

Perfect for when you’ve made yourself hoarse screaming racial abuse at tourists!


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Someone else already did an explanation

Its really not about tourists.

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