Great price on Arduino clone starter kit

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But didn’t the Arduino guy lament some years ago about clones? He wanted people to buy “authorized” hardware uf I remember properly.

Even though it’s open source.

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I always buy official boards unless there isn’t an official version of the board that I want. It seems to me that supporting the people who developed and made the space these products live in is a good default position.


So its not for making clones in the traditional sense

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What is a “flame sensor” and does it detect heat, light, or gases?

For the same price, there is a newer version with a lot more stuff:

The one you linked to doesn’t actually include an Arduino board, just a power adapter for the breadboard.

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IIRC, he was lamenting counterfeits, not clones. Big difference.

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There’s a part of me that’s very salty this listing is:

65 jumper wire (1 pcs)

and not:

Jumper wire (65 pcs)

The one in the picture - looking like a small black LED - looks like an IR sensor. Here’s one with a comparator and adjustable sensitivity built into the board.

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