Great TV villains: The Wild Wild West introduces Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless

By coincidence, I was watching this very episode about three nights ago, and thinking that Conrad would have made a good TV Batman, if they had wanted to approach it with something other than the sheer pop art silliness that they went for.

If you have Roku streaming TV, you can search on wild wild west, and find at least a lot of the first season on a free streaming service. I also found Honey West, with Anne Francis, on its own dedicated service for a one-time fee of a couple bucks. Well worth it, and a great theme song.

WWW was on TV when I was too young to get it, that I was fascinated by it, and even dreamed of it. Ross Martin is one of the great sidekicks. In a much later show, he was replaced one time by Pat Paulsen as an awkward rookie agent.

I remember being shocked and saddened when Michael Dunn died, far too early. This was a great series, but I can’t imagine it having done as well without the recurring appearances of Mr. Dunn as the homicidal humanist genius Loveless.


Ross Martin was excellent and the two had good chemistry. Quote from an appearance on Johnny Carson: 'Robert does his own stunts, and I do my own acting."


The less said about the “Battle of the Network Stars” incident with Gabe Kaplan the better…for Conrad’s ego


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