Great visual directory of women illustrators

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Are these commercial illustrators is what i’m understanding? Because i don’t see Kate Beaton, and she’s my spirit animal. Though she mainly does comics and the like (she should totes be on that list though).


So I wonder which one is going to illustrate the GENOCIDE OF ALL THE MEN!!!

No Rebecca Sugar. UNACCEPTABLE!

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A directory of great artists, for sure, but not a great directory. I couldn’t find a search feature, just browsing, and the weird re-shuffling of the profiles while scrolling was discombobulating. Also, a more apt description would be that it’s a directory of female freelancers for hire, or female illustrators currently alive/working. more of a “behance with a theme” than a “wikipedia page of notable X.” (just bitter that I couldn’t find Trina Schart Hyman or Janet Ahlberg…)

@Grey_Devil and @robw, from the “about” page:

All women* professional illustrators are encouraged to participate. Simply follow the directions on the JOIN page.


This site is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or input, please write to

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Pia guerra, a woman, is one of the pencilers for Y The Last Man. Does that count? :smiley:


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