Greek pottery comes to life in Apotheon


Neat, although from the video, the “look” is the only real thing it has – besides that it just plays like a slashing platformer.

Would have been nice if it had some more stuff taken directly from greek vases – feats of skill, naked marathoning, casual molestation, etc etc.

Thanks, Rob, they should give you a kickback 'cause I’ll probably buy it! Even though they seem to have the guys holding their shields wrong. The art is excellent!

There’s another Greek vase sidescroller in concurrent development that might take your fancy then - has some more RPG elements involved. See here.

I’ve been keeping an eye on both of these, although to date only Apotheon looks like it will be on Steam in the nearish future.

Can I just say that I love that Discourse marks how many times a link has been clicked? I always knew you all were a bunch of pervs. :wink:


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