Greetings from the world of tomorrow!

2015 is just amazing. We’ve got flying cars, replicator technology and just the right amount of excellent scotch*. So from me, my glass of Ardbeg Uigeadail and a sweltering Queensland, may all you Happy Mutants continue to exceed all the expected norms with such verve and aplomb that any critics are dumbstruck.

*OK, I’ve got at least one of these. Guess which one!


Okay, future boy - where’s my hoverboard?

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Just got a few minor issues with some patents to sort out. It’ll hit the shops Real Soon Now.

Puh-shaw, we all know there isn’t any Ardbeg in Queensland. Besides, Laphroaig (see my name) is the proper tipple.

And there’s a reason for that. (OK, I’m not solely responsible, but I try my best.) :smile:

Yep. Quarter-cask especially is excellent stuff, but I reckon that the only proper drink is the one that I’m currently drinking. :beers:

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I can’t keep quarter cask in the house. Some angel (or devil?) keeps collecting their share.


It could be the heat. I find it evaporates far too quickly.

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I was going to buy myself some Old Pulteney, but the good lady wife provided some Yamazaki for Christmas.

I do like Japanese whiskey, but I find myself uttering, “Suntory time” at inappropriate points.

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Good choice. I hear they’re making some outstanding stuff these days.

First time I had it was at the local Hawaiian fried chicken and whisky restaurant…


Dude, not even hungry but that just made me hungry.

I’ve never had fried whisky.
What a world of wonders we live in!

I took a picture with my phone of a recipe on a bag and put it into a note taking app and it asked me if I wanted to grab the text so I said “sure” and it totally did excellent OCR on a crappy bag. Then I talked to my phone and asked it to identify the music I was listening to and it did that. Then I said to my roommate I wasn’t sure if his phone would do that because he has iPhone and I don’t know them very well and he’s like “Yup, it does that too.”

I can also send and receive text messages without touching my phone and even ask my phone where it is if it’s within earshot but I can’t find it.

Not to mention having the bulk of human knowledge transmitted to my pocket on a whim. :laughing:

I may not have a hoverboard but I think the future’s working out pretty nicely. :rabbit:

Happy 2015, everyone.


It truly is the future.

(With enough xantham gum and liquid nitrogen we can do this!!)

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Not to navel gaze too much…

But the time between building my own PCs and the time between having a non-feature phone and a pocket computer is insane. It went from cryogenic cooled machines to pocket supercomputers in a blink of an eye.

I also have coworkers that haven’t made a phone call from their phone in a week. Let that settle in.

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Yeah. I used to have to decide what book to carry with me in case I ended up waiting somewhere for something. Now, I don’t even have to think about it. End up waiting somewhere? Just pull out my phone and download a book from my library … out of the air!

And instead of drooling over all the pieces I’m going to put in my next rig, I can instead work on the stuff I dreamed about building that rig for. My phone has a better clock speed than my previous desktop and is a heck of a lot prettier and nicer to operate. Sure, I can’t repair it … but I’ve got a nice warranty. :blush:

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