Greg Lake and Ian Anderson performing "I Believe in Father Christmas"

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Thanks. Hearing this makes me hope, at least for a minute.

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‘‘Twas enormous back in the 70’s. And now as well…
santa claus christmas GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

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Thanks - I needed this.


If you haven’t experienced it already… The Jethro Tull Christmas Album is excellent! (Complete Album Listenable At The Link Below)


Beautiful, nice performance. It’s a pretty explicitly atheist song, kudos to the church for having enough confidence in itself to allow it.

Though it’s hard to beat the combination with the original video, the last verse isn’t the same without it, it’s like a gut punch every time.


this song started me on my road to atheism.

Long may it replay.


A Christmas song for those who were, by the age of 12, cynical grumps with tender hearts. I love it.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the flute part is the Troika by Prokofiev, from his Lieutenant Kije suite. This song was my introduction to my favorite classical composer.


Back after I wipe my eyes. Gracious thanks.

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Always my favorite modern Christmas song (not a great distinction, considering how vile most modern Christmas music is, but it is a good song, good enough that I can even forgive him for ripping off Prokofiev). This version is a bit cheerier than the rather melancholy and haunting original, but it’s nice to see Ian Anderson – a man with plenty of his own thoughts on the subject of Christmas – joining in.

Speaking of which, Anderson’s own “Christmas Song” and “Another Christmas Song” are also worth a listen. Because, in the man’s own words: “Christmastime … when really we should remember that this is a time for spiritual uplift. A time for oneness with the universe and … Donovan. It is NOT a time for heavy drinking. Overeating. And casual sex with farm animals. That’s OUT of the question! … So be warned, David Pegg …”


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