Gremlins director says Baby Yoda was "out-and-out copied" off Gizmo

Heh. My wife’s boss is the mother of the animator/creator of Lucas the Spider, and grandmother to Lucas, the kid who did the voice. The very first voice recording used was “Hi. My name’s Lucas. I have too many eyeballs.” And yes, despite the cute proportions there are definitely arachnophobes out there who still want to kill it with fire.


Fire is a good start, toxins before or after or flammable toxins maybe best of all followed by a flat plank to get the proportions just right. Anything with more than six legs is wrong.

Obviously grogu is just an infantized version of Yoda, but if you look at the size, the shape of his head and proportions of eyes etc (notice grogu has those larger-pupil animal like eyes that look more like gizmo that Yoda who has more human eyes) and combine that with his voice and mannerisms, it’s really really gizmo like. Look I’m not saying it’s not just a coincidence. George Harrison wrote my sweet lord without intentionally ripping anyone off too. But grogu really does look like a bald mogwai.

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Since Gremlins (his biggest moneymaker), 7 of his 9 films to date have lost money. His last feature film was in 2014, and that one only made $604K. That one’s budget? No one’s talking. As to your thought, he may need the dough.

Would he get any dough? I’m far from an expert in these matters, but Gremlins is not from his production company and he’s not credited as the writer. I’m not certain how he’d get anything.

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As with most directors, he would have had ready access to provide creative input (his job, really) into not just the acting but pretty much all facets, including possibly the appearance of the gremlin characters; he even did some of the storyboarding. (I’m not sure how helping with the writing would have influenced the look of any of the gremlins.)

I’m sure he had a great deal of input, but I don’t see how this would give him any rights to the character. It’s not his property, so I don’t see how he can hope to profit from any claims about Gizmo’s resemblance to Grogu. (Except perhaps through publicity as others have remarked.)


To be fair, I had to go back and blur that image for the sake of the 'phobes.
Gave myself nightmares last night, so it’s only right.

And Gizmo really looks like a young, furry Yoda.


I think I’ll put this under ‘Old man yelling at cloud is not entirely wrong’.


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