Tribute to prosthetic Arnold Schwarzeneggers in his movies


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The narration makes it


One could argue that was all fake Arnold if one was so inclined.


Can’t tell if real @TheGreatParis or fake @TheGreatParis.


I always thought when he was writihing on the ground near the end of Total Recall with his eyes bulging out that he looked a lot like Rodney Dangerfield and thought it would be great to then have Dangerfield himself jump to his feet from the dissipating fog to adjust his tie and proclaim: “Hoo Boy! That was a close one! Gimme a kiss, baby.”


There can only be one.


They left out CGI Arnold from the latest Terminator movies.


You know how I feel about you.


They all looked real to me. Plot just overwhelms my ability to critique CGI. This is a source of endless merriment to my son.


Love? Hate? Disgust?


One could argue that there is only fake @TheGreatParis


As Parises go, I think you’re


Given the decompression forces I think the proclamation would more likely be "woo? did somebody step on a duck?"


Kind of surprising that all those scenes came from only 2 or 3 movies.


Nary a pixel of CGI to be seen here.


Please change the law ( Obama was born in Africa? ) so we can vote him in as President. Demolition Man (1993)


Now, are we sure that’s a good idea?


To me, they’re all real Arnold.



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